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Recent National and International papers



Thinking in a Time of Crisis, delivered at I.I.P.G. Conference “Psychopatholgy and Politics”, Milan, 2011.


Thinking in a Time of  Crisis, delivered at IARPP International Conference, “Changing Psychoanalysis for a Changing Society: Relational Perspectives”, Madrid, 2011.


Thinking in a Time of Crisis, delivered at ISIPSÈ National Conference “Dialectic between Respect and Suspicious in Psychoanalysis”, Rome, 2011.


Chair and Discussant of the papers delivered by Dr. William Coburn, “Psychoanalytic Complexity and The Forward Edge: It’s (Almost) All About Attitude”; Dr. Peter August, “Is There a Language of Lego’s? The End of Metaphor and the Beginning of Time”; Dr. Karl Loszak, “The Mind Has Legs: From Biology to Intersubjectivity”, IARPP International Conference, San Francisco, 2010.



Discussant of the paper by Dr. Roger Frie, “Agency within Sociality: Reconfiguring Psychological Agency un Intersubjective Contexts”, IAPSP International Conference, Baltimora, 2008.


Figures of Understanding. The Process of Image Subjectification, delivered at the International Conference and discussed by William Coburn, ISIPSÈ Rome, 2007.



The Chestnuts are Hot. Disruption and Healing in a Relational Process, delivered at t IAPSP, Baltimora International Conference, 2005.


Tragedy and the Generation of a Respectful Glance, delivered at ISIPSÈ International Conference “L’Orecchio di Dioniso. Tragedia, Trauma e Ascolto Psicoanalitico”, Siracusa, 2004, and discussed by Malcon Slavin.

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